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Maximise your chances of getting in to [medical school or dental school or veterinary school whichever one they selected] by speaking to a current student or recent graduate to understand exactly what is required to make a successful application
[Medical or Dental or Veterinary] school is extremely competitive to get into. Get ahead of the competition and give yourself the best chance possible of success by speaking with someone on the inside
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Gain a significant advantage over the competition
Speaking with successful university graduates will give you a meaningful edge over other applicants, equipping you with insider tips and strategies to successfully navigate the admissions process

    Draft Application
    Curriculum Vitae


    Tailored expertise
    Benefit from industry-specific guidance tailored to your field, ensuring your application resonates with employers
    Master assessment tests
    Our experts provide strategies to excel in various assessments, enhancing your overall candidacy
    Save time
    Cut through confusion and streamline your application process, saving valuable time in your job search
    Confidence boost
    Gain the confidence to present your skills and experiences effectively in both written and verbal formats
    Insider insights
    Our experts know what recruiters look for, allowing you to position yourself as an ideal candidate.
    Personalised feedback
    Receive constructive feedback on your application, enabling you to make impactful improvements
    Industry networking
    Connect with a professional in your industry, potentially opening doors to hidden opportunities
    Adapt to trends
    Stay updated on the latest job market trends, ensuring your application is relevant
    Overcome challenges
    Tackle any weaknesses or gaps in your application with expert advice and strategies
    Increase acceptance odds
    Position yourself as a top contender, increasing your chances of being selected for interviews
    Proven track record
    Benefit from a service that has successfully helped numerous individuals secure coveted positions

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    Quality Guarantee

    At Coachcube we take pride in ensuring that every mentor in our network is rigorously vetted and highly trained. Our commitment to excellence means you can trust that the guidance you receive is of the utmost quality.
    Unparalleled Mentorship
    Each mentor at Coachcube is dedicated to providing personalised, impactful advice designed to bring you closer to reaching your professional goals. Our mentors are experienced professionals who have walked the path you aspire to tread. With their guidance, you’ll receive insights and strategies crafted to align with your goals.
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    Your trust is vital to us. Funds paid for our services are held in escrow until the service you’ve paid for has been completed. We believe in delivering results before concluding transactions, underscoring our commitment to your satisfaction.
    Don’t just take our word for it. Dive into our testimonials to hear first-hand how Coachcube has transformed the lives of numerous individuals, propelling them towards their dream careers.”

    Coachcube is an artificial intelligence education technology platform that connects students and those in the early stages of their career with industry professionals for the purpose of mentoring via online video teleconference

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